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How to Apply

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Rajiv Ghandhi University of science and technology is dedicated to seeing that all qualified candidates who are interested in a career in medicine have the opportunity to study at our campus.  We have made our application and matriculation process as simple as possible.  The admission process comprises of the following easy steps.

Obtain the application form
There are two ways to get the Application Form.

Download it from our website.
Contact our admissions office

Complete application form and the other requested documents below:

The application form must be completed and signed
An application fee of $100.00 (one hundred) US dollars must be included
A personal statement of your goals and outlooks in no more than 1000 words
Five (5) passport size photographs, one must be attached to the application
Two letters of recommendation, from teachers, medical professionals or employers
Transcripts from your high school, college and graduate schools must be sent directly from the school to the admissions office.
Photocopies of all relevant diplomas, certificates and awards.
It is recommended but not required that results of any tests you may have taken be sent to us including the MCAT, SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc,  These are not required but will help the admissions staff to make a decision better if you have them.
Mail the documents to: Rajiv Ghandhi University of science and technology , Admissions Office in the USA

As soon as your file is completed the admissions committee will meet to discuss your admission to the university. An interview will then be scheduled with the admissions committee. The interview may be conducted in person, over telephone or via video conference.  Successful candidates will be notified and need to make the payment to The Rajiv Ghandhi University of science and technology . Please refer fee structure. All the successful candidates will receive a package from the school which needs to be completed prior to matriculation into the school.

In order to begin classes the student must:

Complete the housing application
Make payment of the first semester’s tuition
Send a copy of your passport
  Proof and guarantee of your ability to pay for the subsequent three semesters of education



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